Find an Edmonton Patent Law Specialist

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This week we will be talking about how you can find a good patent lawyer in the Edmonton area.  Finding a specialty lawyer of any kind can be an incredibly difficult thing.  There are countless attorneys out there vying for business.  However, in a field as technical and comprehensive as law, choosing the best one is imperative.  The wrong choice could have disastrous effects, it could cost enormous amounts of money take up your valuable time.  Worse yet, it could place you in a worse situation than when you started.

So how do you decipher which lawyers are attractive options and which are to be kept away from?  What separates the good from he bad?

Finding the Best Edmonton Patent Law

The first thing I always go to is a trusted directory to help me out.  Not just any directory like Yelp will do, you want a directory that specializes within law and recognizes the different distinctions within law.  You also want an organization that does some fact-finding and review before they list someone.  If you would like to see my recommendation just click here.

Having the recommendation of a directory means that you know that not only are you making this decision, but someone else did as well.

However, no matter what you will need to complete your own research and search process in order to make an educated decision.  A few simple checks will perform wonders to cut down your list of potential clients:

  • Come up with a quick list of 5-8 local Edmonton lawyers known for practicing patent law.  Use directories, Google search, personal recommendations, and whatever means you can think of.
  • Ensure that all of the lawyers specialize in the field of patent law, not just practice in it.  Eliminate any that do not from your list.
  • Ensure they have all been practicing at least 5 years within the field.  Eliminate any that have not been.
  • Then, conduct in person interviews with each one.  Normally, attorneys offer a consultation for free so you can usually get these interviews for free.  Watch for realism, knowledge, and care to understand your individual situation.  In order to gain some basic knowledge and understanding of the subject and the process, visit the Canadian government’s website.
  • The more the lawyer attempts to understand your individual case and situation, the more likely you are to achieve quick success.  If they simply bombard you with generic information, you may want to keep looking.
  • Check reviews and other mechanics if available.  You may have to scour around one some local forums.  If nothing, ask the lawyer for previous clients hat you could speak with.  At the very least, you should speak to former clients before you make your choice.

What Makes an Idea Patentable in Canada?

Patent Factors Canada

What basic factors must be met for an idea to be considered applicable for a patent?

There are three essential factors that all must be met.  If you can meet all three factors, then your idea is eligible for a patent.  Of course, they are all subject to a lot of argument, which is why hiring a patent lawyer is a great idea.


This can be summarized with one simple condition: the idea has never been described or claimed in any previous patents.  Otherwise, it cannot have been publicly disclosed by someone else in the past (it must not be taken, it must be a unique and novel idea by yourself).  It the idea has been described with all of it’s conditions before publicly or in a patent previously filed, then it does not meet this qualification.


Essentially, the idea cannot have been obvious to someone in your specified field.  The true test that is applied here (often referred to as the “inventive step”) is if the idea is truly inventive, or if it was too obvious to be considered patent-able.


This is almost always thee easiest requirement to meet.  It simply states that you must have a legitimate use for your idea, otherwise you cannot patent it.  The idea behind it is to prevent frivolous patents or limiting the scope of patents to only functions it is truly useful in.